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Chinchillas Eldorado s.r.l.


52 years at the forefront of the chinchilla industry

- "The Pioneer", "The biggest" and "most awarded" in South America.

 The Unique organization dedicated solely and exclusively to intensive breeding Chinchillas Quality.

- Internationally Recognized by:

- The Empress of U.S.A. (American Association of Breeders of Chinchillas)

- The Council Chinchilla World (World Council Chinchilla)
- The Rural Society Argentina
- The Argentina Chinchillas Breeders Association
- The National Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Directorate of Livestock Non-Traditional Area and Hides
- Fauna Nation and Province of Buenos Aires
- S.E.N.A.S.A.

- Sale of breeding stock to improve other ranchs quality and to new people who want to start in the busines
- Courses.


Videos of  the pelt buys organized by chinchillas Eldorado. four times a year. All the March, July, September, and December  of every year since 1989


 We invite you to make a tour into our Ranch

Chinchillas Eldorado s.r.l


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Calle Venezuela 3956

(1211) Capital Federal
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