Do you want to buy cheap?

This decision will be always yours. But pay close attention to the data that we will supply you in this note.
In chinchillas .... the old phrase ... "Get what you pay" ... is always true, always.
You will encounter three major problems to reach the first year of being in the activity.

Problem number 1:

Lack of proper Quality

They sell you this
And you are happy in the first year, thinking it was a good deal because they did not sell you this:
Soon you will realize that what you should have purchased is this:

Problem number 2:

Lack of consistent training

Depending on the lack of training provided by those who sell cheap discarded animals, it is very possible that you produce, this:
You´ll think you have a good skin, because you see others as these:
And actually; in both cases it is of 2nd and 3rd skins with difficult marketing quality, when what you should be producing is this :

Problem number 3:

Lack of safe and transparent Marketing:

Hoping that who sold to you your firs animales (if by that time is still on the market) will buy the production or help you in the placement, it is very possible to be waiting like this:

Here you begin to realize, and feel that you are falling into a bottomless pit.
Also, when you have a chance to place your skins via strange or unconventional ways, there will be many hands in the middle, between your skin and the end furrier, you may be seen like this:

What you should have done is:  sell your skins safe, continuous, transparently in a way that allows you even to put together a schedule of income throughout the year selling at public sales of skins.
In this system there is only one person between you, the owner of the skin and the end furrier. That person is the gatherer. For you to be really confident and relaxed, the only way is to sell your skins with 200 or 300 producers (before, during or after them.). In a public sale, educational and in Argentina,
like this:



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